Welcome to St. Andrew's Parish Yardley PA


Down in the infrastructure that supports our mission, we find the wherewithal to pay our staff, look after our beloved but high-repair real estate, and maintain channels for the communications that bind us together as a Parish. We have done some wonderful things with money, founded always on the doctrine of stewardship (Click here to read more) that undergirds this part (and all parts) of our Ministry.

Fund Raising

Annual Giving Pledge: Laurie Kenrick

Your contribution maintains and improves our facilities for a better and safer future for our children, supports Saint Andrew's staff and programs, and provides outreach and ministry to those who are in desperate need of our help.

Capital campaign: Vestry

The capital campaign was initiated to address many needed goals: Physical property repairs and improvements; Organ reconfiguration/replacement, Social Justice Tithe; In three short years the Church has been air conditioned; Electrical systems brought to code; Slate Roof replaced and ceiling repainted; Parking lot repaved, with loan still outstanding; and the organ reconfiguration in process. Unexpected expenses were the replacement of three boilers and one hot water heater. There are still outstanding items to be accomplished.


Chronicle: Cheri Peters, Susan Korman

Monthly Parish Bulletin including calendar, Rector's letter, book reviews, announcements of interest. Many contributors.

Little Chronicle: Cheri Peters

Weekly Bulletin insertion with services, announcements, prayer circle and parish prayer lists.

e-Newsletter: Robin Prestage

An electronic cousin of the Little Chronicle, current news e-mailed in the latter part of each week to all parishioners.

Website: Adrian Pollock (Chairman), Robin Prestage, Tom Stevenson, Randy Hill

Our goal for this website is to supply both prospective and current parishioners with both standing information and news, about our worship, special events, ministries and opportunies for participation in the spiritual growth and parish life of St. Andrew's. Please send feedback - how are we doing and how can we assist you better ?

Photo Directory Meg Brommer, Margie Levister, Art Mayhew, Tom Oram, Adrian Pollock, Robin Prestage, Jill Rea, John and Cheryl Sherrard, Nancy and Paul Yanaushis

This busy and enthusiastic group makes available, in Spring 2011 for the first time, our very own photographic directory to help our parishioners recognize and find one another. Families said things like "This is the best photo that has been taken of us for years!"

Building & Grounds

Property Commission: Ralph Cleale (Chairman), Jaffray Baxter, Ed Childs, Bob Ebert, Karen Hunter, Bob Hampson, Joe Royal, Tom Oram; Vestry Liaison: Craig Griffin

Overall responsibility for overseeing and implementing needed repairs, and grounds. Works with Rector and Vestry on budgeting and priorities. Works closely with Sexton on work implementation.

Cemetery Committee and Meditation Garden: Beryl Moore

Maintains all transactions and records of cemetery plots and finances; Oversees condition and needed maintenance; Planning and implementation of the future Meditation and Memorial Garden.

Financial Management

Finance Committee

Works with the Accounting Warden (currently Jennifer Duffield) to advise the Vestry on many matters of parish finance including asset management, budgeting, controls and best practices, and forward planning.