St Andrew's Yardley PA
Church from graveyard


St. Andrew's is a historic Episcopal Christian church located in the heart of Yardley, PA.

The original structure, which resembled a meeting house, was built in 1827 to provide place for Protestant worship. In 1835, St Andrew's was admitted into the Diocese of Pennsylvania, and family burial plots were sold in the cemetery.

Part of Yardley history

In 1889, plans were made to remodel the meeting house into the quaint church that now houses the parish. The parish house was built in 1914; and through the years other tracts of land and structures were purchased by the church, including St. Andrew's House, the large yellow house facing the church; and the gray Rectory across the street from the south door.

St Andrew's has a long history of encouraging the ministry of women, having elected women to the Vestry early in the century. The parish had one of the first women rectors in the Diocese, Sharline Fulton serving from 1989-1997. The Rt. Rev. Geralyn Wolf, bishop of Rhode Island is a daughter of the parish. The Rev. Dr. Pamela Nesbit, who became our Deacon in 1999, stepped up in 2008 to serve the Diaconate at diocesan and national levels.

The Former Presiding Bishop, The Most Rev. Frank Griswold, was a rector here.

Our present Rector, the Very Rev. Dr. Daniell Carl Hamby was elected in 1998. Mr. Mark Dolan, MA, Director of Music joined St. Andrew's in the fall of 2002.